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Policy Statement

To protect life and property on the Brockport campus, it is necessary to be able to determine that persons on the grounds and in the various buildings have a legitimate reason for being there.

It shall be the obligation of faculty, staff, students and all other members of the University community to appropriately identify themselves upon the request of University Police and other authorized persons and to comply with the policy and procedures described herein.

It is assumed that any student, faculty member, or employee of the University, the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation, Institutional Advancement, or Research Foundation of SUNY have legitimate reason to be on the grounds or in open buildings of the University at any time required by his or her regular University business.

Certain authorized students, faculty, and employees of the University, the Brockport Foundation, the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation, and the Research Foundation of SUNY have legitimate reason to be in buildings when they are officially closed. Proof of such authorization must be presented upon request to a Public Safety Officer.


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Policy Procedures

Procedures for Identifying Persons on the Campus

The procedures specified below help assure that the University community and its property are properly protected. Voluntary compliance with these procedures by members of the University community and their visitors and guests will make them work more easily.

1. University Police Officers have the authority to require proof of identity of anyone on the campus. (See the section on “Loitering” in the student handbook.)

2. Any faculty member of the University, employee of the University, the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation, the Institutional Advancement, or the Research Foundation who is in a building he or she is authorized to be in when it is officially closed, and sees someone in the building that he or she does not recognize, should ask for proof of identity and/or proof of authorization to be in that building.

3. If the person refuses to comply with the request, the requestor should immediately telephone and inform Public Safety of that fact.

4. If for any reason the faculty member or employee prefers to do so, he or she may call University Police and report that there is an unrecognized person in a closed building without first having asked the person for identification.

5. A current University ID card is the best evidence that a person is a member of the University community.

6. Any member of the University community who sees a person or evidence of a person in a University building or on University grounds acting suspiciously or performing a criminal or vandalous act is expected to report what is seen to University Police as soon as possible.

7. No member of the University community is expected to put him/herself in jeopardy by cooperating in the implementation of this policy. If you are not sure of what you should do, or if a person refuses to cooperate in identifying him/herself, retreat to the nearest telephone and call University Police.

8. It is hoped that all members of the University community will voluntarily and willingly comply with this policy.

Proof of Identity

1. A current University ID is the best proof of identity.

2. Persons associated with the University must have written permission to remove property from University premises, or proof of ownership, and should cooperate with University authorities who may question removal of property.

Identification cards are to be issued to all employees. The Dining Services Office, Brockway Hall, issues them.

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