Holiday Decorations - Fire Safety Policy

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Policy Statement

Each year, during the Christmas season, numerous fires result because of the flammability of Christmas trees and decorations.


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Policy Procedures

Persons constructing displays or supervising such installations are urged to observe the following precautions:

  1. Evergreen Christmas trees and decorations (i.e., wreaths, boughs, etc.) are not permitted in campus buildings.
  2. Imitation trees are allowable, provided they are fireproof or fire retardant. Trees should not be placed in hallways, stairways, or near doors used for exits. Do not drape trees with flammable decorations. Metal trees should not be decorated with lights; color wheels are recommended. Do not have tree lights on overnight.
  3. When utilizing other types of decorations (paper, plastic, etc.), do not attach or conceal emergency/protective devices (fire alarm pull stations, heat/smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, etc.) with decorations. All such decorations should be labeled fireproof, fire resistant, or fire retardant. Do not place decorations on counters or tables where lighted cigarettes are liable to touch the decorations.

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