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Policy Statement

Section 807 of the Education Law requires a minimum of four fire drills to be held annually in all buildings on the campus. At least two of these must be unannounced. In every case, every person, including guests, must leave the building. This regulation applies to all buildings on campus.


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Policy Procedures

Fire Drills

  1. All fire drills will be scheduled, monitored, recorded, and evaluated by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
  2. Fire Drill Safety Regulations:
    1. Close office doors and turn out lights.
    2. Take any personal belongings (handbags, wallets, keys, etc.) and move to the nearest exit.
    3. Upon exiting the building, remain outside until notified to return by the University Police Officer or other appropriate person(s). 

False Alarms and Tampering with Fire Alarms

Giving false alarm of fire, tampering, or interference with fire alarm systems will result in disciplinary action by the University, as well as the penalty set forth in the New York Penal Law.

Fire, Use and Prohibition

  1. The use of lighted candles, incense, or other such items shall be prohibited.
  2. Open fires on campus are prohibited.
  3. Fires or burning of materials within a building shall be prohibited.
  4. The above are subject to review through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (395-2005).

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