Extra Service Policy for Professionals Who Teach

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Responsible Unit Office of Human Resources
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date 1999-09-01
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Policy Statement

To permit qualified professional staff at SUNY Brockport to be compensated for teaching credit-bearing courses at SUNY Brockport.


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Policy Procedures

Members of the university’s professional staff who possess requisite academic credentials, which include earned graduate or professional degrees in a field that is relevant to the teaching assignment, may, upon the invitation and approval of the appropriate academic department, teach one undergraduate or one graduate course per semester, as assigned by the academic department chair, provided ALL of the following provisions are followed:

  1. Teaching credit-bearing courses is not one of the duties of the professional staff member’s regular performance program.
  2. The professional staff member meets all qualifications for the position as stipulated by the department.
  3. The course is scheduled and offered at a time that is outside the regular workday for the professional staff member.
  4. The professional staff member’s supervisor approves the assignment and the request for extra service compensation. If, in the judgment of the professional staff member’s supervisor, such assignment would conflict with the performance of the staff member’s regular duties, the request for permission to perform additional duties for extra-service compensation will be denied.
  5. Extra-service compensation for this assignment does not exceed the compensation paid to other adjunct faculty in the department during the semester in which the course is offered.

The professional staff member’s course will be supervised by the department chair, and will be subject to the course and instructor evaluation procedures that exist for all other courses in the department.

NOTE: An invitation to teach a course during a specific semester involves no expectation of renewal of this teaching opportunity.

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Next Review Date 2004-09-01 Five-year review
Adoption Date 1999-09-01 Policy Adopted


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