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Policy Statement

No employee may engage in other employment which interferes with the performance of the employee’s professional obligation to SUNY. No full-time employee of the State University may assume another full-time position or obligation either within or without the University while under obligation and receiving compensation from the University.


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This policy applies to professional and faculty employees.


Extra Service is defined as work performed by State employees for a State payroll agency, or the SUNY Research Foundation, other than the one to which the employee is regularly assigned, or special assignments performed at their own campus that are substantially different from or in addition to their regularly assigned duties and responsibilities when the extra service work, in combination with the employee’s regular assignment and any other dual appointment or extra service assignments, will exceed full-time service (1.00 FTE).

Dual Employment refers to the appointment of someone to a State payroll that is already being paid on one or more other State payrolls (concurrent appointment in HRMS) when the combined employment on all State payrolls does not exceed one hundred percent (1.00 FTE) of full-time.

These assignments may involve, but are not limited to, teaching, research, and public service. It must be clearly demonstrated that any extra service exceeds that which is normally performed under the regular obligation and is performed outside of normal working hours. 

Policy Procedures

Part-Time Employees

For employees whose primary appointments are part-time, they may be paid “concurrent”, not extra service, if the work is for another state payroll agency and the combination does not exceed(1.00 FTE) full-time (dual employment). If the work is for their primary payroll agency, they may have their part-time payroll percent and salary increased to compensate them or be paid via extra service.


Compensation for extra service is not to exceed an amount equal to 20 percent of base annual salary in any academic or calendar year. For example, a professional staff member earning a salary of $45,000 may not be paid more than $9,000 for extra service during the course of his or her annual professional obligation. Employees with academic year obligations may earn an amount equal to no more than 10% during each semester of obligation. After the appropriate approval(s) has/have been obtained, payment for extra service will be made periodically as the work is completed based upon the submission of extra service vouchers.


All required extra service and dual employment forms should be completed and authorized with appropriate signatures prior to effecting the appointments of these individuals. See Extra Service Approval Procedures for further information and form requirements found at: /support/human_resources/docs/esapproval.pdf

Faculty and Staff

Advance approval of the individual’s immediate supervisor, dean/director/unit head, and appropriate vice president/provost are required for assignments performed here at SUNY Brockport. Generally, UP-8 forms require the approval of the President (chief administrative officer). Dual Employment forms require the head of the department or agency where regularly employed.

Extra service/dual employment assignments of SUNY Brockport employees requiring the forms UP-8 or Dual Employment – forms are signed by the campus President’s designee.


Extra service for M/C employees requires approval of the Chancellor or his designee in addition to the advance approval of the President (chief administrative officer).

Links to Related Procedures and Information

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December 23, 1986 Memorandum to Presidents, Vol. 86, No. 14 from Joseph C. Burke: Extra Service Policy for Professional Staff and Procedures

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