Fire and Other Emergencies Requiring Building Evacuation Policy

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Policy Procedures

1. General building evacuation procedures for fires and other emergencies requiring evacuation follow:

  1. When fire alarms sound, all personnel must proceed quickly and orderly, without running, to the nearest exit.
  2. Close doors off corridors and passageways, without locking.
  3. Do not use elevators.
  4. Exit and move at least 100 yards from the building to allow emergency personnel and equipment to function.
  5. Do not re-enter the building until a campus University Police Officer, Fire Chief, etc. signals the recall by voice or hand sign.

2. Although the permanent buildings are practically fireproof, special precautions must be observed continually to prevent fire in furnishings, draperies, waste paper containers, etc. Special care must be exercised in the disposal of waste in all parts of the building and the storage of equipment and materials.

3. Staff and faculty members are expected to learn the location of all fire alarm boxes and extinguishers, and be able to operate them. In case of fire, however small, an alarm is to be turned in immediately. The operation of any fire alarm station causes an alarm to be sounded on all gongs in that building. In the event of fire, sound the alarm station, then telephone University Police at (395-2226). Report the fire, give the building name, your name, and location of the fire.

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