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Policy Statement

1. With prior written permission of the vice president concerned, academic and other professional employees who meet their professional obligation to the University may ordinarily accept consulting assignments elsewhere up to a limit of one day per week or a maximum of four days per month. Beyond this limit, staff members ordinarily are required to take corresponding leaves of absence without pay for any period of their professional obligation when they serve elsewhere.

2. As it regards the relationship between professional obligation and non-university employment, and in the interest of continuity of professional obligation and limitation of the possibility of later inconvenience or misunderstanding on behalf of either the University or the individual faculty or professional staff member, it is the policy of the SUNY Brockport that agreement to accept or otherwise undertake other employment than that which is undertaken as a direct consequence of the employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities as required by the University during the term of the employee’s professional obligation, must be authorized in advance. Each employee shall advise the President of the University of the nature and extent of his/her non-University employment obligation prior to accepting such employment during the term of professional obligation to the University.

3. In those cases where a serious question is raised concerning the ability of the employee to maintain a proposed level of non-University employment consistent with performance of his/her professional obligation to the University, further clarification and discussion of both the nature and extent of the outside employment obligation and the professional obligation to the University would be encouraged between all concerned parties. The object of such clarification and discussions would be resolution of the matter consistent, where possible, with professional obligation to the University as well as the outside employment interest of the employee. At a minimum, utilization of this process will permit the timely identification and clarification of problem areas so that employees may make an informed judgment with respect to their continued ability to meet their professional obligation at the University prior to undertaking a non-University employment obligation.


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Policy Procedures

Requests must be made in writing using the Consulting Application and include justification for the consulting assignment. The application should be routed through the employee’s administrative chain of command, including the chief administrative officer, for review and approval. A copy of the consulting application should be routed to the Office of Human Resources to be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Denied requests should be returned to the employee at the level the application was denied.

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