College Bookstore Policy

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Policy Statement

The College Bookstore services are contracted with Barnes and Noble through BASC.


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Policy Procedures

Merchandise and Services

  1. All required books ordered from the College are stocked. In addition, the College Bookstore stocks supplementary paper books and supplies.
  2. The College Bookstore maintains a large selection of paperback (including bestsellers), trade, reference, children’s, and adult books. Educational and art supplies, and many gifts and personal items are also available. Special book ordering and film processing services are also maintained.
  3. The College Bookstore offers a 10% discount to all faculty and full-time staff. This discount will not apply to textbooks, computer software or convenience items (i.e. candy, personal hygiene). Paperback bestsellers are discounted by 20%.

Textbook Ordering Procedures

  1. It is the policy of the College that required texts for all courses must be available at the on-campus bookstore for all students. This policy recognizes the fact that many students use financial aid to defer the cost of textbooks. In addition, early adoption insures that students are eligible to receive top dollar for textbooks, which they sell back to the College Bookstore.
  2. The College Bookstore will distribute course book requisition forms to faculty. Faculty will fill out the forms, which must include all required and recommended texts and return the forms to the College Bookstore. Deadlines for submitting course book requests are as follows:
    • March 15 for Summer books
    • April 1 for Fall books
    • October 15 for Spring Books

Faculty members requiring no text must advise the College Bookstore to account for all courses.

Textbooks can also be ordered on-line through the bookstore or through BASC.  On-line requests follow same guidelines and deadlines as listed above.

  1. The College Bookstore will provide a copy of textbook adoptions to the Liftbridge bookstore.
  2. The College Bookstore will provide timely reports to faculty members of the status of their orders for books, supplies, etc. for their respective courses, including items discovered to be unavailable, delayed in delivery, new editions, etc.
  3. Arrangements for desk copies are the responsibility of the individual instructor. Forms requesting desk copies are available at the College Bookstore or from departmental secretaries. This form should be sent to the publisher at the same time the requisition for required books is sent to the College Bookstore.
  4. Faculty ordering classroom supplies, which are required or recommended for use, must adhere to the guidelines for course book requisitions.
  5. Problems with textbook ordering should be reported to either the College Bookstore manager at 395.2554 or the Executive Director of the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation at 395-2497.

Textbook Refunds and Exchanges

The College Bookstore agrees to refund or exchange without penalty the full value of any new or used books, listed as either required or recommended for a course, any time up to two (2) weeks after the first class of a fall or spring semester course and any time up to one (1) week after the first class of a summer session course, provided the book is returned in acceptable condition, is accompanied by the sales receipt, and bears the current Bookstore coding mark. Refunds or credits shall also be provided any time up to four (4) weeks after the first class of a spring or fall course, and any time up to two (2) weeks after the first class of a summer session course, provided the book is returned, bearing the College Bookstore’s current Bookstore coding mark, with the sales slip, and official Registrar’s confirmation that the student was enrolled in the course for that semester or session but has dropped the course.

All textbook sales are final after the SUNY Brockport drop/add deadline expires.

Tools, supplies, materials, and other merchandise in the Bookstore may be returned for a full refund in unused condition within two (2) days after purchase (Saturday and Sunday excluded) upon presentation of a sales receipt.

All other refunds or credits for returned books or other items shall be made at the discretion of the College Bookstore manager.

Caps and Gowns

The College Bookstore arranges cap and gown purchases and rentals for the faculty.

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Contact Information

College Bookstore Hours

The College Bookstore services are contracted with Barnes and Noble through BASC. The College Bookstore is located in the College Union and is open for business during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday. 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday** 10:00 - 3:00 p.m.

**The Bookstore will be closed on those Saturdays when no classes are scheduled either on the Friday preceding or Monday Following.

The Bookstore will be open extended hours for the first four weeks of both the Fall and Spring semesters as well as the first two days of each Summer Session.

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