Bone Marrow / Organ Donor Leave Policy

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Policy Statement

Legislation enacted August 2001 (Chapter 214 of the Laws of 2001) amends the New York State Labor Law to authorize leave with pay without charge to accruals for state employees who are either bone marrow donors or organ donors.

Specifically Section 202-b of the Labor Law provides that any employee of the state of New York shall be allowed up to 7 workdays of paid leave to undergo a medical procedure to donate bone marrow and up to 30 workdays of paid leave to serve as an organ donor.


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There is no requirement that employees be subject to the Attendance Rules in order to be eligible for this benefit.


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Policy Procedures

An employee is required to give at least 14 days prior written notice to the Office of Human Resources of their intention to use leave under this section, unless there is a medical emergency attested to by a physician. This leave is available each time an employee serves as a bone marrow or organ donor and is in addition to any other leave allowed.

Under this provision, employees are eligible for paid leave without charge to accruals, for either full or partial days, while serving as either a bone marrow donor or an organ donor or recovering from the procedures involved. The leave with pay without charge to accruals includes any necessary travel time, as well as and medical testing or other procedures to determine bone marrow or organ donation compatibility.

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