Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials Policy

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Responsible Unit Environmental Health & Safety 
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
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Policy Statement

Radiation Safety

The University is in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations concerning the use of radio-chemicals, radio-isotopes, and radiation-producing equipment or utilizing radioactive sources.

Hazardous Materials 

Specific care must be taken in dealing with hazardous materials. These materials include, but are not limited to, toxic chemicals, chemical carcinogens, and infectious agents.


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Contact Information

Questions concerning radiation safety should be directed to the Radiation Safety Officer, 126 Smith Hall (395-5717).

Any questions concerning the possession use, transportation, and disposal of such materials should be directed to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (395-2005).

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Next Review Date 2019-12-01 Five-year review
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