Title IV (Withdrawal) Refunds / Impact on Student Account Policy

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Responsible Unit Office of Student Accounts and Accounting
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date 2008-08
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Policy Statement

Financial implications of reduced Title IV awards caused by student withdrawal from course(s).


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Policy Procedures

Federal Student Aid (Title IV) regulations require that funds must be returned to the lender when a recipient of those funds ceases to be enrolled prior to the end of a payment period or period of enrollment through the 60 percent point in each payment period or period of enrollment. The return of these funds may result in a balance due on the student’s Brockport account.

Source: Federal Student Aid Handbook (Volume 5; Overawards, Overpayments & Withdrawal Calculations)

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Next Review Date 2013-08 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2008-08 Policy Adopted


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