Attendance Guidelines Policy

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Responsible Unit Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Responsible Cabinet Member Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date 2017-02
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Policy Statement

University faculty value regular attendance in all classes as explained in these guidelines.


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Policy Procedures

The student is responsible for all assigned course work and cannot be absolved of this responsibility. When enrolled in a particular course, the student is obligated to do all of the work assigned. Punctual and regular attendance is vital to the discharge of this obligation. Absences, excused or not, do not alter this responsibility. Regulations more restrictive than University guidelines, but not in conflict with it, may be established by the instructor for any course.

Instructors are responsible for distributing their individual course attendance guidelines in their syllabi during the first class each term.

Absences will be excused for:

  • documented illnesses,
  • official representation of the University,
  • death of a close relative,
  • religious holiday, and
  • other circumstances beyond the control of the student.

Excuses for official representation of the University must be obtained from the official supervising that activity or event.

Students whose unexcused absences exceed 15 percent of the scheduled classes and laboratories may receive a lowered grade or failure at the instructor’s discretion.

Appeals: SUNY Brockport has a well-established procedure by which students may appeal a decision based upon the attendance guidelines (see Attendance Appeal Guidelines Process). Before you pursue this route, however, you need to understand that you will have no grounds for such an appeal if you simply claim that your instructor’s attendance requirements were too severe. Your only grounds for appeal are either that the standards for attendance were not made clear to you in writing at the onset of the course, or that those standards were applied in an arbitrary or capricious manner.

PLEASE NOTE: The Hazen Center for Integrated Care will only provide a confirmation that the student has been seen there on a specific date. The center does not provide diagnoses or other support documentation for instructors. Instructors should not send students to the Hazen Center for Integrated Care requesting specific documentation on illnesses in support of excused absences.

Links to Related Procedures and Information

Extended Absences — see Procedure for Extended Student Absence.

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Next Review Date 2022-02 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2017-02 Policy Adopted


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