Repeating Courses at the Graduate Level Policy

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Responsible Unit Brockport University Senate
Responsible Cabinet Member President
Adoption Date 1986-1987 (Senate Resolution 1986-1987 #14A)
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Policy Statement

An explanation of which courses may be repeated at the graduate level and how the repeated course grades are reflected in the GPA and on the transcript.


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Policy Procedures

Unless otherwise prohibited by departmental policy, students are permitted to repeat courses in which they have earned a grade below “B.” Only the new grade earned during the most recent repeat of a course, whether it is higher, lower or the same, will be used in computing a student’s cumulative grade point average. All attempted courses and grades remain on the transcript.

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Center for Graduate Studies

Office Location: Rakov 101

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History (in descending order)

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Next Review Date 1992 Five-year review
Adoption Date 1986-1987 Policy Adopted (Senate Resolution 1986-1987 #14A)


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