Advisement Key Number (Graduate Level) Policy

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Responsible Unit Brockport University Senate
Responsible Cabinet Member President
Adoption Date 2000-2001
Last Revision Date 2021-04-20 (Senate Resolution 2020-2021 #29)
Last Review Date 2021-04-20 (Senate Resolution 2020-2021 #29)

Policy Statement

This policy provides an explanation of the process for matriculated graduate students to obtain an advisement key number, which is required to register for classes.


This policy explains the process and time considerations associated with obtaining an advisement key number at the graduate level.


This policy applies to all matriculated graduate students.


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Policy Procedures

Matriculated graduate students (including newly-matriculated incoming first semester graduate students) are required to use an advisement key number to register for class(es) each fall and spring semester. Each student must secure that advisement key number from their graduate advisor. Advisement key numbers are made available to advisors prior to the start of course registration each fall and spring semester.

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Contact Information

Center for Graduate Studies

Rakov 101

(585) 395-2525

History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2026-04-20 Five-year review
Revision Date 2021-04-20 Policy Revised (Senate Resolution 2022-2023 #64)
Adoption Date 2000-2001 Policy Adopted


This policy was approved by Brockport University Senate & SUNY Brockport President on 2021-04-20 (Senate Resolution 2020-2021 #29)