Graduate Full-time Status for Enrollment Verification Purposes Policy

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Responsible Unit Brockport University Senate
Responsible Cabinet Member President
Adoption Date 1991-02-13 (Senate Resolution 1990-1991 #18)
Last Revision Date 2013-2014 (Senate Resolution 2013-2014 #11)
Last Review Date 2013-2014 (Senate Resolution 2013-2014 #11)

Policy Statement

The University’s definition of graduate student full-time status for enrollment verification purposes.


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Policy Procedures

A graduate student at SUNY Brockport has full-time status for Enrollment Verification purposes when: enrolled for at least 9 graduate credits per semester and/or registered for thesis credit(s).

Full-time graduate student enrollment for tuition and federal financial aid purposes begins at 12 graduate credits per semester. Graduate student eligibility for federal student loans begins at 6 graduate credits per semester.

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Contact Information

Center for Graduate Studies

Office Location: Rakov 101

Phone: 585-395-2525

History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2019 Five-year review
Revision Date 2013-2014 Policy Revised (Senate Resolution 2013-2014 #11) 
Adoption Date 1991-02-13 Policy Adopted (Senate Resolution 1990-1991 #18)


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