Directed Study (at the Graduate Level) Policy

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Responsible Unit Brockport University Senate
Responsible Cabinet Member President
Adoption Date 1979-01-18 (Senate Resolution 1978-1979 #13)
Last Revision Date 2011 (Senate Resolution 2010-2011 #N/A)
Last Review Date 2011 (Senate Resolution 2010-2011 #N/A)

Policy Statement

An explanation of directed study courses at the graduate level, including how many may be carried each semester.


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Policy Procedures

Directed Study

Directed Study provides students the opportunity to study individually with an instructor on a contractual basis. Directed Study is an option only when a course is not offered during the semester or session in which the student needs to enroll. This option requires the approval of a sponsoring instructor, who must place the syllabus for the Directed Study in the student’s file in the department. Most graduate courses may be taken for credit on a directed-study basis with appropriate approvals as indicated below.

A student may carry no more than one directed-study course per semester or per summer session, and may take no more than 9 credits of Directed Study courses. A student may take no more than a combined total of 15 credits of Independent Study and Directed Study courses.

Students who wish to take a Directed Study course should begin the process well in advance of registration, since registration deadlines are applicable to these courses. The Directed Study Application Form may be obtained from the academic department in which the course is to be taken or from the Office of Academic Advisement. The application must be signed by the student, the instructor-sponsor, and the department chairperson. The completed form should be submitted by the student to the Office of Registration and Records at the time of registration.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2016 Five-year review
Revision Date 2011 Policy Revised (Senate Resolution 2010-2011 #N/A)
Adoption Date 1979-01-18 Policy Adopted (Senate Resolution 1978-1979 #13)


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