Graduate Admissions Categories Policy

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Responsible Unit Center for Graduate Studies
Responsible Cabinet Member Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date 2000-2001
Last Revision Date 2013-12
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Policy Statement

An explanation of the three admission categories at the graduate level.


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Policy Procedures

Graduate Admission Categories

Regular Admission:

Matriculation in a degree program without reservation, indicating a sound academic background in preparation for a specific program of graduate study.

Conditional Admission:

Departments may recommend matriculation into a degree program on a conditional basis. Offers of conditional admission are made at the discretion of the department. Students admitted on a conditional basis will be apprised in writing of the conditions they must fulfill in order to achieve regular admission status. The maximum number of credits that can be earned while in conditional status is 12.

Non-Matriculated Status:

Non-matriculated graduate students are those who have applied for and been granted non-matriculated status. This status provides the opportunity for students to enroll on a non-matriculated basis in select graduate courses for which they have the prerequisites and interest. A maximum of 12 credits taken at SUNY Brockport in non-matriculated status may be applied upon matriculation to graduate degree requirements with department approval.

Please note: Some graduate programs restrict course enrollment to matriculated students only. Therefore, prospective students should check with academic departments to verify whether the courses they are interested in taking are open to non-degree students.

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Center for Graduate Studies

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Adoption Date 2000-2001 Policy Adopted


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