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Policy Statement

All faculty are expected to maintain a regular schedule of office hours.


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Policy Procedures

Full-time faculty should be available in their office for a minimum of four regularly scheduled office hours per week. Part-time faculty are encouraged to be available before and after class for at least one hour per week, per course or otherwise schedule equivalent office hours coverage. Faculty should also make sure that information regarding their office hours is easily accessible to their students. Accordingly, it is the instructor’s responsibility to notify their department chairperson or secretary of their office hours and to provide this information on their course syllabus. It is also customary to post office hours on the office door. Faculty may also want to consider using various electronic formats (e.g., e-mail, web sites) to increase their access to students.

At the beginning of each semester or summer session, the members of a department must notify the department chairperson of their office hours so that the chairperson may assure that his/ her faculty are keeping their office hours, and so that inquiries about office hours made to the department office can be handled by the department secretary.

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