Charles Edwards, Ph.D

Associate Professor Emeriti


  • PhD, SUNY Buffalo

Areas of Specialty

Biological Anthropology, Primate Biology, Primate Behavior, Dermatoglyphics (development and genetics of skin ridges), Osteology, Disability.

Courses Taught

  • ANT 120 Introduction to Human Evolution
  • ANT 312 Culture and Health
  • ANT 313 Culture and Disability
  • ANT 350 Primate Behavior and Adaptation
  • ANT 395 Anthropology and Careers
  • ANT 456 Forensic Anthropology
  • ANT 482 Topics: Ancient Disease and Paleopathology
  • ANT 482 Topics: The Scientific Study of Mummies

Research Interests

Current Research Projects

Genetics, intrauterine development and function of palm prints (dermatoglyphics) in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta); Implications of dermatoglyphics in assessing intrauterine stress and developmental disorders in non-human primates.