Joseph C. Makarewicz

Emeritus - Distinguished Professor


  • PhD, Cornell University

Courses Taught

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Water Chemistry
  • Stress Stream Analysis
  • Limnology Practicum
  • Limnology
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Population Biology

Research Interests

Applied aspects of environmental science, lake and watershed resource management, including such topics as watershed and ecosystem approaches to determining point and non-point sources of nutrients in urban and rural watersheds, hydrologic and nutrient budgets, indicators of successful remediation, strategies and demonstrations projects for reducing nutrient and organic hydrocarbon from watersheds (SWAT), atmospheric deposition rates on ecosystems, uptake dynamics of chlorinated hydrocarbons in aquatic food-webs, top-down and bottom-up effects on plankton community structure, environmental education, plankton as indicators of success of the phosphorus reduction program in the Great Lakes and methods of reducing pesticide levels in fish grown in polluted waters. I also have continuing interest in analysis using the small watershed approach and SWAT. The past decade has focused on analysis of structure and function of the nearshore of large lakes.