Barbara LeSavoy, Ph.D


Associate Professor
(585) 395-5799
Office: Liberal Arts 115


  • University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
    Educational Leadership and Policy, PhD, Social Foundations of Higher Education, May 2004; Research Focus, Women in Education
  • Boston University, Boston, MA School of Education EdM, Adult and Continuing Education, May 1986
  • HERS Bryn Mawr Institute, Bryn Mawr, PA Bryn Mawr University Women in Higher Education Administration, July 2013
  • Anglo School, London, England Royal Society of Arts, English as a Second Language, May 1982
  • Rhode Island Collage, Providence, RI BS, Elementary Education/Early Childhood, May 1981
    Teaching Concentration: English Literature/Language Arts

Areas of Specialty

  • Gender-based Violence and Trauma Movements
  • Global and Intersectional Perspectives on Women and Gender
  • Theorizing Gender and Popular Culture
  • International Women’s Day: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
  • Sex and Education (1873): Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Courses Taught

  • Sex and Culture; Honors Sex and Culture
  • Gender, Race and Class
  • Feminist Theory; Graduate Level Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Research Methods
  • Senior Seminar in Women and Gender Studies
  • Practicum in Women and Gender Studies

International Teaching

The NYI Global Institute of Cultural, Cognitive, and Linguistic Studies, formerly 
The New York-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition, and Culture (NYI).

Guest Lecturer: Virtual NYI :Contested Memories: Memorializing and Visualizing Holocaust Trauma, Summer ’20

Seminars Taught:  Virtual NYI

Beyond Boundaries: A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch, Summer ’23.

Performing Dissent: Race, Gender and Political Voice, Winter ’22.

Navigating Identities: Politics of Race, Gender, and Civic Voice, Summer ’22.

Navigating Identity: Race, Class, and Gender in Pop Culture, Winter ’21.

NYI in St. Petersburg, Russia

She, He, They: Threshold Concepts in Women and Gender Studies, Summer ’16.

The Sex Wars: Bodies, Laboring, and Reproduction, Summer ’15.

Riot Grrrl to Little Women: Politics of Identity and Place, Summer ’14.