Alexander Moe , Ph.D

Assistant Professor
(585) 395-2183
Office: Holmes Hall 223
Office Hours:

Spring 2023:
Mon., and Wed.: 10:00-11:00am,  
Tues., and Thurs.: 1:00 - 2:00pm
- and by appointment.


Alexander Moe is an assistant professor of Media Studies in the Department of Journalism, Broadcasting & Public Relations at SUNY Brockport. Dr. Moe enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors with his Siberian Husky named Max.


  • P.h.D., Media and Communication, Texas Tech University
  • M.A., Communication, Technology, & Society, Clemson University
  • B.A., Communication (media production emphasis); and Political Science, California Lutheran University

Courses Taught

  • JRB 496: Contemporary Media Issues
  • JRB 467: Mass Communication Theories
  • JRB 465: Media Research
  • JRB 463: Media and Society
  • JRB 372: Film as Social Commentary
  • JRB 219: Advertising and Consumer Culture

    Special topics to be taught in Spring 2023: 
  • HON 380: Online Disinformation & Digital Literacy

Research Interests

Dr. Moe’s research for the most part deals with understanding how audiences respond to and perceive media messages. Specifically media messages involving news media, social media, media narratives and sports media are examined both at the societal and individual levels to comprehend how perceptions, social norms, attitudes, behavioral intent derives from such exposure.

Specific areas of interest include public opinion, opinion congruency, hostile media bias, spiral of silence, news consumption via social media, and political communication broadly. For example, recent work examines the influence of likeminded-affection between users in participatory media platforms and the effects of user comments on perceptions of news coverage.

Dr. Moe employs methodological pluralism across interdisciplinary inquiries, with a specialization in survey-experiments, content analyses, and meta-analyses.

Additional information:

  • Dr. Moe serves as Faculty Advisor for the JRB department’s honors society in Alpha Epsilon Omicron - Lambda Pi Eta.

  • Dr. Moe has previously served as Honors Thesis director with students affiliated with SUNY Brockport’s Honors College.