Title: Recent Publications from Students in Doctor of Nurse Practice Program

Date: May 26, 2021
Summary: Brandon Geer, Mathew Privett, and Meghan Walters are currently enrolled in the Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) program at SUNY Brockport and recently published their own peer-reviewed articles.

They have each published a peer-reviewed article sharing their expertise in clinical practice. They developed these articles while enrolled in NUR 610: Professional Writing, a DNP course taught by Dr. Elizabeth Heavey.  The Department of Nursing is very proud of their work. It can directly impact patient care and advances the literature in the profession. 

Geer, B. (2021). Using point of care ultrasound in nursing.  Nursing 2021, 51(6), 50-53.

Privett, M. (2020).  How to discourage adolescents from vaping.  Nursing 2020, 50(12), 11-12.

Walters, M. (2021). Using SBIRT for substance use relapse.  Nursing 2021, 51(3), p. 63-65.

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