Special Thanks from the Leap Ahead Tutoring Program

The Office of Student Employment wants to acknowledge the students and staff across campus who helped us create Leap Ahead Tutoring - a free, 100% virtual tutoring program for families in the larger community.

We would like to publically recognize our Brockport staff, and students who helped us make the Leap Ahead Tutoring Program possible.

This past winter, we had to figure out - how do we get work-study students into off-campus community service positions, during COVID?!?

We created our own community service work-study program that would be a new and meaningful job opportunity for our students while also helping the community - a free and 100% virtual tutoring program! It wasn’t easy, but we were able to launch the program this semester - Leap Ahead Tutoring!

Our hopes would not have become a reality without the help of the dedicated staff across campus who took on this extra project with excitement - your positivity, dedication, and willingness made all the difference.

Thank you to Michael Dentino of the ASC, for your wisdom, philosophy, passion, and more!

Thank you to Lisa Jones of EOP, for your wisdom, your handbook, your smile, energy, and more!

Thank you to Christine Izyk of the ASC, for your willingness to help on a dime, your knowledge of technology, problem-solving, and more!

Thank you to Amy Shema from the Education Department and Summer LEAP, for your experience, knowledge, getting this off the ground, and more!

Thank you to Grace Kelly for your time, effort, experience, and knowledge (and congratulations on graduating!)

Thank you to all of our tutors:

Robert Roloson, Kaitlyn Facey, Justin Bates, Amiya Wilson, Tiana Jackson, Erica Andujar, Madison Fiorello, Emily Kincade, and Cynthia Bruce for your patience as we got this program off the ground and running, for your understanding, your energy, dedication, passion for helping others, your creativity and the work you did to make an impact as a tutor! We appreciate you beyond words!

Thank you all for this amazing experience, we could not have done it without you!


Lilia Hutchison, Graduate Assistant, Student Employment

John Sheible, Employer Relations, Student Employment

May 26, 2021