Title: New Process for Making Documents Accessible for Everyone

Date: February 01, 2022
Summary: All documents that need to be uploaded to the SUNY Brockport website must be accessible before sending to Web Team. Brockport offers training designed to teach our community how to create accessible documents for those in need of guidance.

As part of SUNY Brockport’s ongoing commitment to becoming a more accessible institution, a new process has been put into place to learn how to create and disseminate accessible documents.

BITS is offering regular training that teaches our community how to create accessible documents. Not only is ensuring document accessibility the right thing to do but it is also required by law. Web Team’s new process ensures only accessible documents are uploaded to the college website. That Document Accessibility process is outlined online.

This accessibility requirement is already in effect for 12-month employees and will begin for 10-month employees effective October 15.  

For training opportunities, check out the BITS event calendar.

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