Title: Upcoming Outages – BITS Planned Maintenance and Upgrades through January

Date: December 17, 2020

BITS will be working hard over the next few weeks to get many of our systems and services upgraded. Please see the full article for what to expect.


Over the next three weeks, BITS will be performing several critical upgrades to campus systems. Below is a list of what to expect for each date.


December 21, 2020: 7 am–Noon (Voicemail System Upgrade) During this window you may briefly be unable to retrieve new voicemail messages from Jabber. Voicemail to Email messages may not be delivered to your email until later in the maintenance window.


December 22, 2020: 8 am–Noon (VLAB Upgrade) VLAB will be unavailable during this time.


December 23, 2020: Midnight–7 am (SUNY Blackboard Update) Blackboard will not be available during this time. Please alert your students that they should log out of Blackboard prior to midnight as the system will not be available, and any work not saved could be lost.


December 28, 2020: All Day (Phone System upgrade) During this time, you may notice your physical phone or Jabber softphone reboot or lose connection. If you use Jabber on a Brockport provided computer, you may begin to receive notifications if the software needs to be updated (If you are off-campus you will need to connect to the VPN to get notified).


December 29, 2020: 7 am–Noon (Call Center System Upgrade) If you are part of a call center, during this time your phone will lose connection and you may need to reset your status. Intermittent issues may be experienced during this time.


January 4, 2021: 6:30–9 am (Internet Infrastructure Upgrade) The Internet for Campus will be down during this time. There may be other intermittent wireless network outages throughout the day that may also impact the Cisco VPN.


January 5, 2021: 6:30–9 am (Cisco VPN Upgrade) Intermittent Network and VPN outages or delays possible.


January 6, 2021: 6:30–9 am (Firewall upgrade) Intermittent network outages possible.


Please Note: The IT Service Desk is available 24x7.

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