Title: SUNY Identity Initiative: Simplified Communication with SUNY Colleagues

Date: April 01, 2021
Summary: Brockport is taking part in the SUNY Identity Initiative in an effort to make it easier for members of the Brockport community to communicate and collaborate with employees at other SUNY institutions.

Brockport is participating in the SUNY Identity Initiative (SII). One of the SII goals is to make it easier to communicate and collaborate with peers within SUNY. Currently, employees at other SUNY schools do not appear in our global address list (GAL) when composing an email, inviting people to Teams meetings, or sharing documents. Later this week BITS will be turning on a searchable global address list sync, which will add employees from other participating SUNY colleges, to our Brockport global address list.  These changes should make it easier to email and collaborate with employees from those participating SUNY schools.

Employees from other participating SUNY schools will show up in the Brockport GAL in the format “(CollegeName) LastName, FirstName”. For example, Jack Smith from Albany will show up as “(Albany) Smith, Jack” when you are searching for them.

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