Title: Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Perception Survey

Date: March 30, 2021
Summary: SUNY Brockport faculty are asked to participate in an Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Perception Survey. The goal of the survey is to provide suggestions on how to better recruit, retain, and support all Brockport faculty.

The PRODiG (Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth) Steering Committee has been charged to provide guidance to the Provost and the Academic Affairs Division by suggesting ways to create a more diverse, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere for faculty and staff at SUNY Brockport.

One aspect of this work is to learn more about faculty perceptions of their Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure  (APT) experience on campus. Through survey data and focus group meetings we hope to provide suggestions on how to better recruit, retain and support all Brockport faculty.

If you are a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, we are asking for your help by completing a survey about your experiences. It does not matter whether you are currently in the tenure process or if you have already attained tenure. If you are not a tenured or tenure track faculty member, you may disregard this message.

Your confidentiality will be protected as much as possible. Identifying information will not be included in committee reports or shared unless permission is given. Participation in this survey and/or a focus group is voluntary. Your decision whether to participate will not in any way affect your current or future relations with Brockport.

APT Perception Survey

The Provost wishes to thank the members of the PRODiG Steering Committee who worked to create this survey:

Thank you for your participation in this important project.

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