Title: Document Accessibility Tip #3: Using the Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Checker

Date: March 23, 2021
Summary: Our document accessibility series presents tips on how to make electronic (PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) documents accessible to ensure your content can be used by all members of our community.

Tip #3:  Using the Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Checker

The accessibility checking tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC — Accessibility Checker (Full Check) and the Make Accessible action wizard — can identify many issues in PDF documents that may be in conflict with Adobe’s interpretations of the accessibility guidelines referenced in the application and its documentation.

The Make Accessible Action Wizard walks users through the steps required to make a PDF accessible. It prompts to address accessibility issues, such as a missing document description such a document title. It looks for common elements that need further action, such as scanned text, form fields, tables, and images without alternative text.

Use the Accessibility Full Check command to perform a thorough check for many characteristics of accessible PDFs, such as the use of alternative text on images, the presence of tags, document language, and fonts that can be mapped reliably to Unicode text. There are also options to view and save the results.

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