Understanding Oppression Media Challenge: Day 2 - Accessibility Oppression

The Understanding Oppression: 5-Day Media Challenge is designed to provide resources to help educate, interrogate and dismantle different forms of oppression. Day 2 of the challenge focuses on Accessibility Oppression.

Understanding Oppression: 5-Day Media Challenge

Day 2: Accessibility Oppression

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Topic 1 - Ableism

Video: What is Ableism

This video series explains the notion of “ableism”, as well as how to protect the rights of people with disabilities to legal capacity, sexual and reproductive health, and participation in decision-making.

Video: Casual Ableist Language

Language affects the way we think, sends a message about what we accept from society, and can harm others. Find out if you are unintentionally using casually ableist language to perpetuate ableism.

Video: Purposeful Steps away from Ableism

Imagine a world without sexism, racism, and ageism. A place where we embrace each other’s gifts and proudly claim all of our identities.

Let’s deconstruct the binary notion of able/disabled and construct differences of body/mind as part of our beautifully diverse human continuum.

Topic 2 - Objectivization of Disability

Video: TedTalk: Inspiration Porn and the Objectification of Disability

Inspiration porn is the objectification of people with disabilities by providing clickbait of disabled people ‘overcoming’ and conforming to societal norms to inspire and motivate non-disabled viewers. Find out if you are unintentionally perpetuating inspirational pornography.

Topic 3: Disability Sensitivity

Video: Disability Sensitivity Training Video

Don’t be awkward. Watch this disability sensitivity training video and learn how to just be human.

Topic 4: Disability Awareness

Podcast: Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza

Andrew Gurza is a Disability Awareness Consultant and Cripple Content Creator. In his work, he seeks to explore how the lived experience of disability feels, as it interplays with intersectional communities. By using hashtags like #diSAYbled, #DisabilityAfterDark, #BearinAChair, and #KissAQueerCripple Andrew shares his lived experiences of disability, queerness, sexuality, and body image in a raw, vulnerable, and unapologetic fashion.

Podcast: Disability Visibility

This is life from a disabled lens. Disability Visibility is a podcast hosted by San Francisco night owl Alice Wong featuring conversations on politics, culture, and media with disabled people. If you’re interested in disability rights, social justice, and intersectionality, this show is for you.

Youtube Channel: Squirmy and Grubs

An inter-abled couple share their life and relationship.

Topic 5: Student Accessibility Services

Video: Introduction to Student Accessibility Services

Statistically, 96% of college classrooms have students with disabilities in attendance. Student Accessibility Services provides supports, in the form of accommodations, to students with disabilities to provide equal access and help students reach their goals.

Visit the SAS website to learn if you, or someone you know, may be eligible for our supports.

March 09, 2021