Shelby Toth

BS in Journalism, Broadcasting & Public Relations

Why did you choose SUNY Brockport?

Brockport was just a state school I saw that had a major I was interested in. I didn’t think much about The College until I visited campus. I had one of those classic movie falling-in-love-with-the-college experiences. I loved everything about Brockport and as soon as I left I knew I was going here.

What led you to Journalism and Broadcasting?

I’ve always been in love with media and I took a media production class in high school. I really liked working with the cameras and making films, so I thought that was I wanted to go into. When I came to Brockport I took Newswriting with Marsha Ducey and realized that I really love to write. The department is like a little family. Everyone in the media major or media club are taking classes together every semester and act like family.

Are there any professors who have made a difference in your degree?

I can’t emphasize enough how great the professors are at connecting with their students. They’re always willing to talk and give advice during office hours. Ginny Orzel will give out her phone number for if you’re out shooting and have an urgent question. Marsha Ducey will ask you to DM her on twitter. They’re truly engaged in their students learning. I couldn’t ask for a better set of professors or a better experience here.

What has your experience been with the College’s student newspaper, The Stylus?

Working at the Stylus was a highlight of my experience. It was two very full years of my life and a lot of hard work that I’m proud of. Working in design at the stylus was what got me my current internship at 585 Magazine in Rochester. The skills I’ve learned there will definitely help me get farther in my career.

What has been your favorite classes?

Newswriting pushed in the direction I want to be heading for the rest of my life. Besides that, media performance with Kim Young was such a unique and fun experience. It’s a class where you do voice work and be on camera, nothing I’ll ever go into, but she made it really interesting and engaging.

What has been a highlight of your time at the College?

I just returned from The Excellence in Journalism Conference where I was doing a fellowship with the Society of Professional Journalists. I was one of 12 students chosen to work the conference and not just attend it and I produced five stories in three days. I think the area I grew in the most while I was there was my confidence. Being in a professional environment and interviewing professional journalists while producing a good story on was incredible.

July 23, 2022