Emma Cooke

BS in Communication Studies

Why did you transfer to SUNY Brockport?

Transferring here made sense for a lot of reasons. I couldn’t get into the communication department at SUNY Geneseo and Brockport had the best communication department that I read about, in the SUNY system. I wanted to stay in SUNY, so it just fit.

What did you hear about the communications department before you decided to transfer?

I just heard there were really great professors and that the curriculum followed all the important things. With the department here it is all really straight forward and driven and you know exactly what you are going to get out of each class. There are also three different tracks in the major, so you can specialize in what you think want to do, before you have to figure out what you definitely want to do.

What track are you on within the communication major?

I am on the relationships and social identity track because I really want to work with people. Ideally, I want to get into editing for one of the major companies in young adult novels. I’ve also looked into structuring online classes for colleges.

How has your experience gone as a transfer student?

It was great. We had a transfer student representative who sent us an email each week for my entire first year. The emails told us about all the different activities and important events going on that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t been getting those emails. I think Brockport does really well with its transfer students. The transfer student office really makes things easy for you. I had a few credits that didn’t transfer over correctly and they were so helpful and made sure my process was as easy as possible.

What has been your favorite communications course?

I loved organizational communication with Dr. Alex Lyon. I just thought it was really interesting analyzing all these different companies and looking at case studies. I think the best way of learning is seeing how it actually happened.

Who are some of you favorite professors?

I had a really great experiences with so many professors. Dr. Lyon has been such a huge help to me and given me so many opportunities. Jacob Nickell has been my professor this semester and he is absolutely fantastic. I haven’t had a single teacher who I haven’t loved.

Are you involved in any clubs or organizations?

I am in the debate society club where people from all disciplines are joining. We just started this year and I got to see how clubs are established and how the student government works, which was really cool. I am also the president of the communications club honors society and I worked with Dr. Lyon as the assistant editor for the Spectrum, an undergraduate research journal.

July 22, 2022