Title: Nominations Open for Student Organization Awards

Date: March 01, 2022
Summary: Make sure to nominate leaders, advisors, and student organizations for various awards and recognitions from March 1 - April 10 for this year’s Student Organization Awards.

Resiliency Recognition

Every club, organization, and officer faced their own unique challenges and has something to be proud of from this past year. And we want to hear about it! 

The Resiliency Recognition Awards showcase our amazing student organizations and what their proudest accomplishments were this past year. We encourage all officers who are completing this form to include a photo that they feel best represents their organization. The form can be submitted more than once per organization, and additional photos can be sent to Are you proud of your club/organization? Tell us why! 

 Nomination Form  

Event of the Year  

This award is given to a registered student organization that hosted an event (on-campus or virtually) during the previous school year. The award specifically recognizes events or programs that are collaborative, innovative, and unique, reach a wide audience on campus, and have clearly stated outcomes.  

Nomination Form   

Advisor of the Year 

This award will be presented to the student organization advisor that showed outstanding leadership and advisement in supporting the efforts of the student organization. The individual receiving this award will be judged on their advisory and support skills for the student organization.  

Nomination Form   

OEDI (Outstanding Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) Award  

This award will be presented to a registered student organization that has demonstrated (a) sustained initiative(s) to promote diversity, build community, raise awareness, and create a more inclusive and equitable atmosphere at SUNY Brockport.  

Nomination Form  

Officer of the Year  

This award is open to a student organization officer. This award recognizes an individual who publicly advanced the mission of their organization while challenging and encouraging the membership to advance new initiatives, acquire new skills, and prepare the organization for leadership transition and ongoing success. This award is bestowed upon the individual who has illustrated the commitment and leadership that they have offered their organization/group, and most especially the community of – and/or surrounding - SUNY Brockport as a whole.  

Nomination Form   

“Unsung Hero” (Member) Award  

This award recognizes a registered student organization member who has established themselves as a rising leader and made significant contributions to his or her organization but is not within an officially recognized leadership capacity for that student organization. This student gives their all to the organization, demonstrating true commitment and devotion to the organization’s causes both on campus and in the community. The nominee may be a member – they may not be the president of or in an officer capacity within their organization. The nominee should demonstrate potential for advancement to a leadership position and go above and beyond the typical requirements for a student organization general member.  

Nomination Form   

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