Academic Planning Seminar Instructors Needed

Our first year students all take an Academic Planning Seminar (APS) class and we know that they have the best chance of being successful if they have an active, engaged, and student-focused instructor for that course. Are you the instructor we’re looking for?

Connecting with and supporting our first year students is one of the most important things we do at Brockport. GEP 100 or the APS is a course designed to connect our new students to Brockport and college-level learning through a welcoming, supportive, and developmentally focused one-credit course.

The Academic Success Center is seeking dynamic, engaged facilitators who will embrace the opportunity to connect with their students, help them transition, and help them understand how to be a successful student in college while they figure out their major, their social life, and everything in between. Is this you? Is this a friend of yours?

APS instructors also serve as the Academic Advisor for their class and work with an upper-class Peer Mentor to assist in connecting their students to Brockport and all of its resources.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Thomas Chew, Director of the Academic Success Center.

February 23, 2022