Title: NEH Grant Opportunity: Humanities Initiatives at Colleges & Universities Application

Date: February 16, 2022
Summary: Humanities Initiatives at Colleges and Universities strengthen the teaching and study of the humanities at institutions of higher education by developing new humanities programs, resources (including those in digital format), or courses, or by enhancing existing ones.

Projects must be organized around a core topic or set of themes drawn from such areas of study in the humanities as history, philosophy, religion, literature, and composition and writing skills.

NEH welcomes applications for projects that are modest in scope, duration, and budget, as well as applications for expansive, long-term projects. If you are interested in applying, please reach out to Justine Briggs. 

The Humanities Initiatives programs support activities such as:

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Funding Opportunity Number: 20220509-AA-AB-AC-AD-AE

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Contact Info: Justine Briggs: or (585) 395-5118
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