Spring Virtual Exchange (COIL) Workshop Series

This free professional development prepares faculty to build a cross-cultural virtual exchange (COIL) experience into the curriculum.

What is COIL?

In a nutshell: COIL is about connecting across difference. It connects you and a colleague in another country to develop collaborative projects that your students do together across time zones, language differences, and geographical distance using online tools. It becomes one aspect of your course, supporting your student learning goals, giving you and your students the opportunity to engage hands-on with your course concepts and new ideas, and – most importantly – exploring them from different cultural perspectives.  

COIL collaborations are developed by partnering professors from different institutions who want to enrich their courses with student interaction and collaborative learning.  Professors work together to design and implement the COIL Collaboration, allowing COIL to be customized to meet the needs of any class, in any discipline. 

If you are interested in introducing COIL into your 2022-2023 courses, these spring workshops are the perfect way to get started! To learn more, visit the SUNY COIL website (below).  

For more ways to get started with COIL at Brockport, visit the Center for Global Education and Engagement’s COIL resource page.

February 01, 2022