Bookstore Update

The Bookstore is happy to report that as of Friday, January 28, they are all caught up on fulfilling paid online textbook orders.

Students have been notified if any of their materials are on backorder. If the backorder is expected to be more than a few days, after confirmation from the publishers, then both the faculty and student is being notified.

Orders with payment issues cannot be processed until the student updates their payment information. Students seeking to use their excess financial aid to pay for course materials need to open an Easy Money account. Easy Money can then be used as a form of payment at the Bookstore. See the link below to open an Easy Money account.

The Bookstore appreciates your patience as they work to get course materials in the hands of our students as quickly as possible despite staffing challenges and supply issues. Please contact the store if you have any questions or need assistance.

January 31, 2022