Women & Gender Studies Professor Serves as Invited Faculty for Virtual NYI

The NY-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition, and Culture (NYI) is an advanced study program with a focus on linguistics, cognitive, and critical cultural studies. Dr. Barb LeSavoy’s Seminar was titled “Performing Dissent: Race, Gender, and Political Voice.”

Dr. LeSavoy co-taught the seminar with Dr. Katharina Wiedlack (Gender and American Studies scholar at the University of Vienna). Their Performing Dissent seminar explored the politic of public expression by examining social identities represented in spoken word and musical performance. Drawing from historical to contemporary text and media examples, seminar participants studied ways political writings and artistic performance impact race and gender equality concerns. This is Dr. LeSavoy’s seventh time serving as invited NYI faculty.  

NYI, prior to the pandemic, is held in St. Petersburg, Russia. This winter V-NYI-4  was held January 10-21, 2022 in the NY virtual sky Participants took mini-courses with international scholars in a range of fields, especially those that do not fall neatly into traditional discipline areas. Since 2003, over 1200 participants from 58 countries and over 60 Russian Federation cities have received certificates for completing the NYI Programs.

January 21, 2022