Due Friday: Faculty/Staff Technology Grant Applications

Technology-related proposals, especially those based on new and innovative ideas, for teaching, research, and program administration will be considered under this proposal.


It is expected that proposals made under this initiative will be relatively small (generally less than $5,000) and local in their impact. Examples include the purchase of advanced software not already available on campus, advanced media technology (innovative digitization projects, audio/video capture, etc.) supporting instruction in a particular course or College function, and new equipment or data required to support an individual’s scholarship/research. This grant program will support one-time expenses for hardware, software, specialized equipment, data as well as assistance in supporting online education. The initiative is not intended to support or address campus-wide, programmatic or strategic needs, or periodic and recurring needs (e.g., campus network upgrades, additions to computer labs, computers/laptops/iPads, mainframe computer upgrades, high-tech classrooms, library system upgrades, routine acquisition/replacement of faculty/staff computers, projectors). Please do not submit proposals requesting these latter items.

Application Process

Applications are to be made using the MachForm. Applicants will append to the application form a narrative proposal including a budget (two-page maximum). Each application requires the signature of a sponsor at the level of Director or Chair or above. The sponsor must confirm matching support for the proposal by providing at least 10% of the requested amount or $100, whichever is greater. Completed applications approved by the chair/unit head should be submitted by February 11, 2022, for review and approval by the school dean or unit vice president. Applicants will be informed of their award status by April 4, 2022. Funds will be made available to award recipients on April 4, 2022, and will lapse at the end of the budget year (end of June 2022).

Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative

February 09, 2022