Update on Campus Construction

Keep up to date with information regarding Spring 2022 construction projects on campus.

New Campus Drive Reconstruction

New Campus Drive from Commencement Drive to Redman Road has been completed and is open for use. The contractor is continuing to work east toward Cooper Hall with utility replacements between Commencement and the exit on the west side of the Allen Loop. This means if you are looking to park in Lot V and are traveling from Commencement Drive, you will need to enter Whited Way to reach the lot. A temporary pedestrian crossing will be in place for Townhome residents looking to cross New Campus Drive.

Work is expected to be completed and ready for paving later this spring. Following this year’s Commencement ceremonies the contractors will continue their work east to Cooper Hall, with expected completion by fall.

North Campus Infrastructure

The contractor to date has completed all underground utility replacements and 95% of new walks and planting beds. As weather permits the contractor will continue work at the east side of Harrison.  Work is expected to continue on the new granite amphitheater seating and shade structure and the remaining sidewalk installations and grading in early spring. Catenary lighting will be installed in the gathering area between Perry, Bramley, and Briggs.

Residence Drive Reconstruction

This project is part of the larger North Campus Infrastructure project and includes replacing all underground utilities and moving Residence Drive to along the railroad tracks and, in turn, relocating parking closer to the buildings. Work is scheduled to begin following the 2021-22 Commencement ceremonies.

Allen Loop

This project predominately includes above-ground hardscape and landscape improvements with a small number of utility upgrades. It will be going out to be bid this month and work is scheduled to begin following the 2021-22 Commencement ceremonies.

Carbon Monoxide Detection Project

This project includes adding/replacing carbon monoxide detectors to make our facilities code compliant. The contractor has completed work in the middle quad and is now concentrating on the buildings containing the newest device installations (Smith Hall and Lennon Hall). They will continue building by building as they become available through coordination.

Athletic Turf Field

Even though the field construction is delayed due to inclement weather, construction on the new ticket booth and restroom facility is continuing. The steel for the new Press Box is scheduled to come in late winter with the Press Box in the spring.  

Seymour Ball Room

This project includes new restrooms, a new servery, structural repairs, HVAC upgrades, and new finishes and windows. The Ballroom at Seymour Student Union will be offline starting January 24. The duration of this project is expected to last approximately one year.

January 12, 2022