Geology Students Present Research in New Orleans

Five geology seniors from the Department of Earth Sciences presented their studies at American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual meeting in New Orleans, LA where they interacted with researchers and professionals from all over the world.

The AGU meeting is the largest geoscience conference with 25,000+ attendees.

The students, research mentors, and presentation titles are as follows:

  • Christiana DeLuca (Dr. Noll) Chemical Weathering of Granitic Bedrock in Southeastern Puerto Rico: Influence of Precipitation
  • Jennifer Setaro (Dr. Kobayashi) The March 31, 2020, M 6.5 Stanley, Idaho Earthquake: Bookshelf Faulting?
  • Alysha Zazubec and Maggie Williams (Dr. Kar) Depositional Environment Characterization Of The Neogene Siwalik Deposits Through Biomarker Analysis
  • Nicole Zhe (Dr. Kobayashi) Non-topographic Contributions to the Lunar Gravity Anomaly
December 16, 2021