Title: Student Teaching Candidates Participate in Mock Interviews

Date: December 14, 2021
Summary: Two educators/administrators from Brockport Central School District offered an end-of-semester mock interview professional development event to Dr. Jie Zhang’s student teachers via Zoom.

Heartfelt thanks go to Randall Yu, Assistant Principal of Ginther Elementary School, and Brandon Broughton, Director of Learning and Staff Development at Brockport Central School District! Broughton and Yu posed as the interviewers and provided great opportunities for the student teachers to practice their interview skills, receive constructive feedback, learn about the school administrators’ expectations, gain confidence, and be better prepared for their future careers. 

The end-of-semester mock interview professional development event has been offered since Fall 2016, with only one exception of the semester of Spring 2020. In addition to supporting Brockport students to learn and grow professionally, this event helped strengthen the partnership between the College and Brockport Central School District.

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