Title: Due February 15: Foundation Scholarship Applications

Date: February 07, 2022
Summary: Please promote department-specific and campus-wide Brockport Foundation Scholarship opportunities to students in your networks. Foundation Scholarships provide recognition and much needed financial assistance for students.

Incoming and current, undergraduate and graduate students can apply for more than 350 active scholarships from November 15 to February 15, which will disburse more than $550,000 for the 2022-23 academic year.

Please email your Brockport students, employees, residents, etc. about the time-sensitive opportunity for students to apply for recognition and student financial assistance to help defray the costs of their education.

Attached is a presentation providing an overview of the Foundation Scholarships, how to apply, and other important information that can be emailed or placed in a Blackboard group/course. Also attached is a flyer that can be sent digitally to students and is featured across campus.

Quick Facts:

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Marketing materials in digital or hard copies can be provided upon request. Thank you for assisting in supporting and honoring our wonderful students!

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Contact Info: Foundation Scholarship Office: (585) 395-5105 or
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