Examining Young Adult Literature, Fairytales & Violence Against Women

Dr. Kathleen Colantonio-Yurko, Dr. Kathleen Olmstead, and Dr. Henry “Cody” Miller (Education and Human Development) along with doctoral student Shelby Boehm (University of Florida) published an article in Girlhood Studies.

The article entitled, “When Princesses Become Dragons: Using Critical Literacy to Confront Rape Culture in English Classrooms” was published in Girlhood Studies.

The article offers curricular suggestions for teaching Elana K. Arnold’s young adult title Damsel, a subverted fairytale rewrite, using a critical literacy framework. In doing so, the authors outline how English curriculum has often upheld oppressive systems that harm women, and how critical English teaching can challenge such systems.

Content warning: sexual assault and rape

Read the entire publication in the attached PDF.

November 10, 2021