Education & Human Development Professor Publishes Article

Dr. Natalie Svrcek (Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Human Development) published an article in the Journal of Literacy Research.

Dr. Natalie Svrcek and colleagues from across the United States published an article in the Journal of Literacy Research. The article explores a coaching conference in preservice literacy teacher education. The theoretical framework of the article was centered on race, racism, and anti-racism.

The article built on previous research that has explored how teachers engage in developing understandings about race in relation to their practice using discursive tools of racial literacy. The authors asked, How do three White teachers draw on race discourses that are racist and anti-racist within the context of one coaching event, a post-conference? Using critical discourse analysis, they described and interpreted how race discourses were drawn upon and disrupted in the conference. The authors conclude with a discussion of the racial literacy practices that have promise in this coaching context and in other professional settings.

Wetzel, M. M., Daly, A., LeeKeenan, K., & Svrcek, N. S. (2021). Coaching using racial literacy in preservice teacher education. Journal of Literacy Research.

November 04, 2021