AAS is Drowning out the Background Noise

Faculty members from the Department of African and African American Studies (AAS) continue to make their mark in the academic world.

In the midst of a raging pandemic, economic concerns that leave more questions than answers, and an increasing lack of good food (what happened to the muffins?), we in the department of African and African-American studies continue to pursue our goal of infusing academia with the spice of Africa-centered perspectives. 

Our senior professor, Dr. John Marah’s latest non-fiction work Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union, continues to make a splash. Since his presentation last month at the African History Project in London which was recorded, Dr. Marah has had two more invitations to discuss the ideas in his book.  The latest will be three 90-minute talks for the Centre of Pan-African Thought in London.  Dates are:

  • October 27, 2021 “From Toussaint to Nkrumah”
  • November 12, 2021 “What is Pan-African Education”
  • November 24, 2021 “Pan-African Education and Development”

These will all be on zoom and hopefully, recordings will be available for later viewing. As of now, times are not listed. 

The second invitation will be on zoom also for the Ali Mazrui Center for Higher Education Studies at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. It will be next year.

Dr. William Turner created and is teaching a course called Birthing Hip-Hop Course which is the newest course in the Hip-Hop Studies Minor. Contact Skye Paine for more information on the Hip-Hop Studies minor.

In addition to his latest book, Blacks in Niagara Falls, Dr. Michael Boston won the Herbert H. Leehman Prize for Distinguished Service in New York History on July 7, 2020, which carried a monetary award of $1000.  He has also published three articles:

Booker T. Washington and the New York City Negro Business League’s Role in Increasing Black Business in New York City” in New York History

Charlotte Dett: Influential Mother, Entrepreneur, and Leader” in Afro-Americans in New York

“Underground Railroad History is Important, But It’s Important to Highlight the Histories of Self-Emancipators Too” in the Journal of Science and Exploratory Studies, forthcoming.

Dr. Douglas Thomas recently published an article, “Islamic Theism as a Response to White Supremacy: The case of Shaikh Amadu Bamb Mbacke” in Filosofia Theoretica

This is just a friendly reminder that we are here, and we are shining. Stay tuned for more news of our exploits!

October 22, 2021