Title: Manager of Recruitment & Retention Earns Excellence in HR Practices Award

Date: October 14, 2021
Summary: The State University of New York Human Resources Association (SUHRA) recognized Kristin Hartway, Manager of Recruitment and Retention.

This award honors a member for achievements in improving the quality of programs and services to SUNY and/or their own campus through effective human resources practices. Preference is given to those achievements that have become or have the potential to become models for best practices for other or all SUNY campuses. 

Over the past 18 months, the Human Resources team has been focusing on improving our processes by utilizing technology and moving away from heavy paper-driven processes.  Kristin has led several process improvement initiatives that focus on the recruitment and retention of our employees. These initiatives include a new Onboarding module and process through PageUp, our applicant tracking system. Our new hires are being welcomed immediately through the portal, provided with all the information they need to know about our campus, our EDI initiatives, the surrounding community, resources, and other important information as they start their career with us. 

Additionally, the onboarding system outlines step-by-step guidelines for managers to follow in the new hires’ first few days, weeks, and months of employment. Also, the team has built-in “check in” surveys where we collect feedback on the new employee’s experience so far and we are able to quickly address any questions or concerns. This onboarding module allows for our new hires to feel welcomed and supported and helps our managers ensure they are staying connected and setting the new hire up for success. 

In addition, Kristin is leading our efforts for the integration between PageUp and the SUNY HR system. Brockport is the first in SUNY to start this integration and is viewed as the pilot campus for this initiative. This will not only positively impact our campus members but will also be shared as a best practice with other SUNY campuses that utilize PageUp.

Congratulations to Kristin Hartway and the Recruitment and Retention Team members Kallee Quill, Christiana Ortiz, Sonya Flynn, and Pat Maxwell, BITS Project Manager.

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