Title: AAS Professors are Doing Big Things!

Date: October 05, 2021
Summary: Dr. Michael Boston, Dr. John Marah, and Dr. William Turner (Department of African and African American Studies) have recently made significant achievements.

Dr. Michael Boston published his book Blacks in Niagara Falls: Leaders and Community Development, 1849-1985.  An expert on the history of African Americans in New York and the Underground Railroad, Dr. Boston freely offers his expertise in and outside of the classroom at SUNY-Brockport.  We’re blessed to have him.

Dr. John Marah’s latest non-fiction work Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union, has garnered international acclaim.  Recently, the African History Project, a specialist school in Black history and culture, has scheduled an evening of academic discussion with Dr. Marah on October 14 at 2 pm as he discusses his book.  It is a virtual event that is free to SUNY-Brockport students and faculty.

Dr. William Turner, our junior faculty has made a splash on campus since his arrival.  Not only does he excel in the classroom with students, but he’s also continuing his publications and is doing very important work as the only verified critical race scholar on campus. (Yeah, I said it!)  He is a recipient of the Drescher Leave enabling him to complete his research project dealing with race, gender, and identity in white spaces.

I, Douglas Thomas, am humbled and blessed to work with such an accomplished group of colleagues.

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