Assistant Director of ASC Tutoring Presents at Conference

Elisabeth Gonzalez engaged tutor practitioners in a conversation about standard language ideology and linguistic justice at the STAR-NY Conference.

Elisabeth Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Tutoring at the Academic Success Center, presented at the STAR-NY Conference on May 24, 2021. STAR-NY is a consortium of SUNY professional tutors. Her work, entitled Language Bias and Linguistic Justice: A Primer for Tutors and Supervisors, focused on starting conversations with tutoring staff about standard language ideology and approaches to language variation, including code-switching and code meshing.

Gonzalez introduced participants to the work of Vershawn Young, John Rickford, and April Baker-Bell to frame the discussion about linguistic justice and to promote a tutoring practice that centers and celebrates students’ linguistic identities.

September 23, 2021