SummerLEAP Director Received Grant from United Way

Dr. Amy Shema, Director of SummerLEAP, received a grant from United Way for Summer 2021 programing.

Dr. Amy Shema, Department of Education and Human Development, is also the Director of Brockport’s SummerLEAP Program.  She received United Way funding in the amount of $40,000 for Brockport SummerLEAP Summer 2021 programming.

Brockport summerLEAP provides educational programming with an emphasis on experiential learning and literacy.  Students from the Rochester City School District are recruited to be part of the program, which provides them enrichment opportunities to supplement learning, solidify concepts from the previous year, and get students ready for the upcoming school year.  Brockport SummerLEAP provides a holistic approach to learning and invites parents to be part of their child’s learning throughout the program.  Students in the program often gain levels of understanding during the program that provides them a good base to be successful in the upcoming school year and incentive to continue their education.

The grant will be administered by The Research Foundation for SUNY at SUNY Brockport.

August 23, 2021